Safari 5 Reader and Readability

The highlight of new Safari 5 features must be the Reader. Safari Reader removes annoying elements such as ads on the page and present you with an easy to read article. It is generating buzz at the moment as there are two opposing camps on the idea of removing ads. Most users will welcome the build-in ability to strip off distractions while reading, while bloggers and online publishers are worried the ads-blocking will bring them reduced earning.

There are even [conspiracy theory]( that Reader is part of Apple’s plan to reduce the profitability of articles on the web, so that developers/publishers will shift their focus to iOS devices and iAds. This is hardly believable judging by the minor market share of Safari.

Safari Reader is based on the work on [Readability]( by Arc90. Rich Ziade has published an article on [their vision for Readability and why they build Readability]( It is an interesting read.

Will other browsers follow suite by implementing something similar to Reader natively? We can only wait and see.