Update iTunes 9.2 Before June 21

![I Tunes 9.2](http://sanziro.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/i_tunes_92.png)

Apple has released iTunes 9.2 which is a required update for iOS 4. This version will work with the new Homescreen Folder feature in iOS 4 and will allow you to sync PDF documents into iBooks 1.1. (Apple has not released iBooks 1.1 yet, existing iBooks on the App Store is version 1.0.1 for iPad)

Please update your iTunes to 9.2 in order to upgrade your iPhone and iPod touch to iOS 4 which Apple will release on June 21. You need to have iTunes 9.2 ready if you intend to get the new iPhone 4 which runs iOS 4.

iTunes 9.2 will update your iTunes Library when you first launched it. It might take iTunes 9.2 a while to process your library, depending on the library size.