Apple Magic Trackpad, Battery Charger, New iMac, Mac Pro and Cinema Display

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Apple releases bumper crop of products this Tuesday, among them are the iMac and Mac Pro refreshes. Apple Cinema Display has a new 27-inches 16:9 ration model to accompany the new Mac Pro. But attention sure would go to the brand new Apple Magic Trackpad. Apple Magic Trackpad is essentially the multitouch trackpad as found in Apple’s notebook line, made standalone and larger for the desktop. Powered by AA batteries and communicate with the desktop using Bluetooth, Apple Magic Trackpad at $69 replaces the mouse for people who are accustomed to using trackpad. And interestingly, you can now purchase Apple branded AA NiMH battery charger. At $29, Apple Battery Charger comes with six AA NiMH batteries that can last for up to 10 years. Why not make some money and at the same time improve the overall company green effort indicator for industry watchers?

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