iPhone 4 Press Conference and iOS 4.1 Beta

Apple has scheduled an iPhone 4 press conference this Friday the 16th at 10AM PT. No detail is given about the topic, but it probably is about the antenna issue. Will Apple be able to convince all once and for all there is really no issue with iPhone 4 hardware design? Will Apple gives away free bumper? Or a hardware recall (which we think is unlikely)?

Meanwhile Apple has seeded an iOS 4.1 Beta to its developers which includes fixes for the signal bar as promised by Apple. We kind of expected Apple to issue antenna fixes in a 4.0.1 release. But apparently the version number is bumped up to one full point, and the final release is still few weeks away base on past SDK release pattern. One new feature in iOS 4.1 is the Game Centre, Apple’s platform for game scoreboard and social.