Our Take On iPhone 4 Press Conference

Apple’s iPhone 4 press conference is today later at 10am PT. Here’s our take on what Apple will announce in this special event:

* Apple starts the show with its stellar than expected iPhone 4 sales figure.

* Apple informs that iOS 4.0.1 released yesterday gives a better indication of signal strength, and drop calls are significantly reduced due to software fix.

* Apple repeats the admission that holding the current iPhone 4 in the wrong way results in reduce signal strength.

* Apple announces that newer batches of iPhone 4 will add a build-in insulator to protect the antenna from being shorted, thus solving the problem.

* As a result, shipment of iPhone 4 will be delayed. Apple announces that second wave of international launch will be postponed from end July to mid August.

* For existing iPhone 4 owners, they can bring their phone back to Apple to add in the insulator fix free of charge. Or they can simply use a bumper to solve the issue.

* Apple emphasizes that as always customer can return their iPhone within 30-days without re-stocking fee if they are not satisfied.

* There is no recall or free bumper.