Apple predictions for September

The Apple [annual media event is tomorrow 10am PT]( But we are guessing new iPod touch is not the only products coming in September:

* iPod touch – Apple will definitely announce new iPod touch model tomorrow. Likely specs include what you can expect in iPhone 4: Retina Display, same A4 processor and memory, FaceTime & compatible camera, gyroscope and long lasting battery. We are guessing Apple might add a FM tuner in, so that all iPod models will sport FM tuner build-in. And this one will not have any antenna issue. Will we see a 128G iPod touch this year?

* iPod nano – based on cases floating around the net, iPod nano is predicted to have a square dimension, lose the scroll wheel and sports a touch screen for the interface. This will make it look more like a mini iPod touch than an iPod.

* iPod shuffle – expects similar offering than last generation. Maybe more colors and boost of capacity of up to 8G?

* iPod Classic – we predict there will be no new model. Apple probably will announce an RIP date for the current model.

* iTunes 10 – time is ripe for Apple to release a major upgrade to flagship iTunes.

* Cloud based iTunes – many are eagerly awaiting a cloud based music streaming service from Apple. We predict it is not ready and will not happen during tomorrow’s event. We expect Apple will hold a special event in future just for this cloud base service as it is a game changing business model. But we should see some hints of it in the new iTunes.

* iOS 4.1 – as [mentioned](, this is predicted to release today, one day before the media event.

* iTV – will Apple release a $99 follow up to Apple TV? All signs and rumors point to a yes answer. This new model will be a diskless and cheaper model with an emphasis on streaming. Many expect it to run a new iOS and be able to run apps. This will probably not the device that will change how we watch TV.

* 99 cents TV rental & iBookstore – 99 cents TV rental is widely rumored by major media. It is interesting to see the scope and selection available for this service. Lets hope there is some announcement too for iBookstore to boost up the book selection.

* iLife ’11 – some have predicted an announcement of iLife ’11. We are guessing it is not happening in September. Instead iLife’11 will be announced after iPad get its iOS 4.x release. Apple is likely to unveil new iLife for the Mac together with new version for the iPad. And probably will release a version for iPhone and iPod touch. It is interesting to see if Apple will charge for the upgrade to Pages/Numbers/Keynote for iPad.

* One more thing – Apple probably will announce the availability of white iPhone 4. Many are waiting to buy one in September.

* Surprises – yes we hope there are surprises. Please bring us some Apple.