How To Read PDF Files in iBooks

iBooks supports reading of PDF documents starting with version 1.1. iBooks is free and is probably the only PDF reader you need on your iPhone or iPad. Purchased ebooks in iBooks are in the EPUB format. In order to read PDFs in iBooks, there is no need to convert to the EPUB format. You just need to be able to transfer your PDF files to your iBooks:

Using iTunes

* Connect your iPad/iPhone to iTunes. Make sure you are running the latest version of iTunes on your Mac or PC.

* Look out for the folder with Books icon on your iTunes Library. Drag the PDF files from your desktop to this folder.

* Select your device under iTunes and click on the Books tab. Make sure Sync Books is checked.

* Sync your iDevices as usual.

Using DropBox

* This method requires running DropBox app on iPad or iOS 4.0 on iPhone.

* Create a free [DropBox account]( if you do not have one and install the clients on your Mac or Windows. Free accounts comes with 2G disk space.

* Drag your PDF files to your DropBox.

* Install the free DropBox app on your iPad or iPhone.

* Select the PDF file to open it from within DropBox app on your iPhone or iPad. DropBox app has a build-in PDF reader as well.

* Tap on the Action button on DropBox app and select Open In and select iBooks from the list.

![Dropbox to Ibooks](

* The PDF file will now appear in your iBooks library.