When will we see iOS 4 on iPad?

We would not call it a delay, but iOS 4.1 which is under beta right now is indeed slow to reach gold status compared with past iOS minor point beta release. The major feature for this release is the inclusion of Apple’s gaming platform Game Centre. We are guessing Apple is taking some time to make sure 4.1 release works well with iPhone 3G. Many has reported slowness after upgrading their iPhone 3G to iOS 4, and it is in Apple and its developers interest to move all iPhone to use iOS 4.

Apple tends to release iOS on a Tuesday. With its iPod event scheduled on next Wednesday September 1, we predict Apple will release iOS 4.1 next Tuesday, before the launch of new iPod models which will sport the new iOS release. The Game Centre feature in iOS 4.1 also reinforce iPod touch as a great gaming device. The new iPod touch model is expected to take most of hardware features from iPhone 4 such as Retina Display and FaceTime ready dual-camera.

iPad owners could only wait for all the goodness of iOS 4 such as multitasking, folders, universal inbox etc. We can safely expect iOS 4.2 to be in beta right after the release of iOS 4.1. iOS 4.2 is expected to be a build for iPad, and lets hope Apple can reunite the operating system so that the same iOS version runs on both iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Each beta testing cycle is expect between 4 to 6 weeks for minor point release. Thus we can expect iOS 4 for iPad to be available in October.