Wishlist for Second Generation iPad

We can all assume that second generation iPad will arrive in Jan 2011, based on Apple’s track record to revise their iDevices yearly. Below are our wishlist and prediction for the next generation iPad:

* Flat bottom. Current iPad has a somewhat curved bottom reminiscent of iPhone 3G/3GS design. When placing iPad inside a case on the table, iPad looks bulky and fat due mainly to the curved back. Next generation iPad should have tints of iPhone 4 design with a flat bottom. We predict the 2nd iPad will use back aluminum for its back and use the strong glass found in iPhone 4 for the front.

* Lose the ugly signal bar for iPad 3G. The black antenna at the back for iPad 3G is ugly to us. It looks more like a last minute patch job than a proper Apple design. It should blend better, cleaner and hidden for 2nd generation iPad.

* Front Video Camera and FaceTime. We can safely say this is a ‘confirmed’ feature of next-gen iPad.

* Lighter. The main bulk of weight in iPad is due mainly to its large battery. Let’s hope Apple can reduce its weight and improve the battery life in next iteration of iPad.

* Bigger memory. Current iPad has 256M memory. Next-gen iPad is expected to have minimum 512M of memory in order to have a better multitasking experience running iOS 4.

* Gyroscope. Next-gen iPad is destined to have this built-in for those games that take advantage of this hardware.

* Retina Display. We predict retina display will come to the iPad next year. This will make iPad the better eBook reader with its high dpi display and better compete with e-ink devices. It might have a 1.5 times display resolution of 1536×1152 compared with current iPad’s 1024×768 resolution.

* ‘Rotating’ build-in speaker. iPad is a great gaming device. But it is kind of weird when you are playing games in landslide orientation and the sound comes from one side of the device. Sound should appear to come from the central of the device whether you are holding it vertically or in landslide mode.