Apple releases iOS 4.1

The first major update to iOS 4 is live. This is an essential update to all iOS 4 users as it includes bug fixes to the proximity sensor and bluetooth connectivity problems. In addition, if you own an iPhone 3G or 2nd-generation iPod touch and is still running iOS 3.1.x, there is no reason not to upgrade to iOS 4.1 as it solves the unresponsive UI issue when running iOS 4.0 on iPhone 3G or 2nd generation iPod touch.

New to this release includes the much touted Game Center, Apple’s gaming platform with community, leader board, chat etc. Expect many games to ride on this platform soon. Other new features include build-in HDR photo capability, HD video upload over WiFi and TV show rentals.

One bad news is [Game Center will not be in iPhone 3G]( but 2nd generation iPod touch will include Game Center. This is noteworthy because both iPhone 3G and 2nd generation iPod touch sports similar hardware and were introduced in the same year in 2008. But 2nd generation iPod touch has a faster 532MHz processor than the 412MHz processor in iPhone 3G. This adds to the [list of iOS 4 features missing in iPhone 3G](