Apple releases new Apple TV firmware: its iOS 4.1

Apple has released firmware for the new Apple TV at  its download server for public consumption. This download is meant for Apple TV owner who wants to restore their Apple TV to its default factory state. This release also confirms the rumor that new Apple TV runs a flavor of iOS. It will be also a matter of time before someone jailbreak this firmware, looking at how active the iOS jailbreak hackers community are.

One notable missing feature in the Apple TV announcement on September 1 by Steve Jobs is the ability for Apple TV to run the thousands of iOS apps. Many people are predicting that Apple will add this feature back into Apple TV. Imagine the possibility: you sit on your couch with your iPhone, select the game you want to play, use AirPlay to push the game to AppleTV. And play the game on the big screen in front of you using your iPhone as the controller.