Apple teases with first major iOS update to iPad

iPad iOS 4.2

Apple has put up [a page]( to highlight the first major iOS update to iPad since its release beginning of the year. iPad currently is running iOS 3.2. While iPhone and iPod touch has been upgraded to iOS 4, iPad users need to wait till November for all the new features in iOS 4. Specifically Apple will release iOS 4.2 in November for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

iOS 4.2 includes all features in iOS 4.1 which is expected to be released next week Sep 8 for iPhone and iPod touch. Feature such as multitasking, folders, unified inbox and Game Centre are missing in current iPad’s iOS 3.2.x. New features in iOS 4.2 includes wireless printing and AirPlay wireless content streaming.

iOS 4.2 will also be the first version of iOS that runs on both iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. We suspect due to its increased code size, iOS 4.2 might not run on iPhone 3G and older iPod touch models.