DeNA to buy Ngmoco for $400 million

Japanese social game giant DeNA has confirmed that it is acquiring Ngmoco for $400 millions. Ngmoco is maker of popular social games such as We Rule and Godfinger on the iOS platform.

“The big tide in social gaming is coming, right now,” Tomoko Namba, the founder and chief executive of DeNA, said during an interview. “We’d like to capture it and quickly become the world’s No. 1 mobile gaming platform.”

DeNA plans to integrated its Mobage platform with Ngmoco’s Plus+ social platform. Little known outside of Japan, DeNA’s projected revenue for this year is already on par with estimates for Facebook. With this acquisition and a global presence, it is now a strong rival to Zynga (maker of farmville) and Facebook for the pie in social gaming.

Via The New York Times