Free MobileMe finally?

It has been speculated for a while that Apple will offer MobileMe for free. MacRumor has uncovered system error messages in the latest iOS 4.2.1 golden master build, suggesting free MobileMe is coming pretty soon.


MobileMe encompasses several services such as MobileMe Mail, Find My iPhone, iDisk, Contact/Calendar/Safari/Notes over-the-air sync and photo galleries. It makes sense for Apple to offer tiered services by offering the basic services for free. We are hoping for free Contact/Calendar/Safari/Notes over-the-air sync as this is one area iOS is lagging compared with Android platform. It is previously rumored that Apple is building its data centre in North Carolina to support free MobileMe. Let’s hope free MobileMe is the last project of the year for the team at North Carolina before the year end holidays.

Via MacRumors