There will be no Facebook app for iPad

Mark Zuckerberg, the guy from The Social Network movie, just confirmed that Facebook is not working on an app for iPad during Facebook’s Mobile Event.

The reason is rather lame: “iPad is not mobile…it’s a computer”. So no native app when a platform is not mobile? What an excuse to give a sub-par user experience on the iPad, as Facebook definitely is not customizing its web app for the tablet touch platform as well, unlike Google who does a great job for GMail for example.

Nevertheless it’s great news for third party iOS developers who now can gain from developing a Facebook app for iPad.

11:28AM Q: So, the iPad has been out for a while — are you building an iPad app?

11:29AM A: (Zuckerberg) The iPad’s not mobile. Next question.

11:29AM Q: I think Apple would disagree.

11:29AM A: (Zuckerberg) It’s a computer. Sorry. (laughter)

11:30AM A: (Erick) The broader question is how do we scale to a tablet form factor without locking ourselves in.

11:30AM A: (Zuckerberg) I don’t want to be rude to Apple — we all love Apple products — but this is a mobile event and we want to stay focused on that. The iPad isn’t mobile in the same way.

Via TechCrunch