Mac App Store missing features

Mac App Store shares many similarities with its sibling iTunes App Store for iOS, but there are differences:

  • Game Center is not available for Mac App Store during launch. This will be slight set back for game developers who want to port their Game Center enabled iOS games to the Mac.
  • In-app purchase is not available for Mac App Store. We believe this feature will come to Mac apps eventually as it is definitely a successfully model used by games such as  We Farm, GodFinger and Smurf Village.
  • Demos, beta, Lite version of app is not allowed on Mac App Store. Apple suggested developer to use their own website to promote such apps.
  • Promo codes is not available for Mac App Store. Promo codes can be used to obtain apps for free from App Store, and are used by developer for reviewers/websites for marketing and promotion purpose.

Mac App Store is rumored to debut in January 2011.