Top 10 must-have free apps for your new iPad

For the lucky you who just got an iPad as a Christmas gift, here are the 10 recommended free apps for your download pleasure:

1. iBooks: Probably the most downloaded iOS free apps from Apple. iBooks is Apple’s digital book store and reader, where you can find thousands of free and paid books. iBooks allows you to import your own books in ePub or PDF formats, and is one of the better ebook reader around.

2. Dropbox: A must-have if you are a Dropbox user, if not sign-up for a free 2GB storage account at Dropbox is one of the better online storage service with a native client on the Mac that behaves just like another local folder.

3. Flipboard: Winner of iPad App of the Year 2010 by Apple, Flipboard is defining the way how we consume our news, photos, and updates from friends. Use it to believe that web is not the only way to view the world.

4. Find Your iPhone/iPad: Luckily Apple made this app and service free without requiring a paid MobileMe account. Best way to locate your lost iPad on a map, and you can remotely send a message, lock the whole device or completely wipe off your data.

5. Twitter: Twitter for iPad has a three column interface that is unique for iPad apps, it might take you some times to get used to the tiered navigation. Whatever, it is still an essential app to keep up with tweets.

6. IMDb: The iOS app for the de-facto online database for movies, is as good as an app can be. Easy search to get you movie info and get updates on latest entertainment news and trailers.

7. Epicurious: With tons of recipes, nutritional info, build-in shopping list and a beautiful design, what’s not to like about this app?

8. VLC Media Player:  We always prefer to use VLC to play back media on the Mac, and the iPhone/iPad apps does not disappoint. This open-source media player plays almost any media format such as Divx, MKV which is not supported by Apple.

9. Aweditorium: Music discovery at its best and Aweditorium shows how it is best implemented on the iPad.

10. Netflix: If you are not a Netflix customer, this free app might tempt you to sign up. Still the best way to watch your favorite movie and TV shows instantly on your iPad. Time to ditch the cable.