Mac App Store is making apps cheaper and life easier

Apple is setting prices for apps to demonstrate that app is cheaper to market, package, produce, distribute and sell on the Mac App Store. Aperture is the best example, by going from $199 to $79 on the App Store. App is also cheaper in the sense that Mac App Store allows you to install the one-time purchase on all Macs you own. This is similar to iOS App Store. Gone will be the “Family Pack” version of app.

Mac App Store is also making it simpler for users. Simpler to search and locate apps, and for app updates. And when your hard disk crashes, you can simply download all your apps from App Store again.

Mac App Store is also a necessity to prepare for MacBook and MacBook Pro model without an optical drive. Many expect Apple to abandon optical drive in new notebook models coming out this year. Question remains if major app makers such as Adobe and Microsoft will join the App Store bandwagon and pays Apple 30% cut for the distribution.  Mac App Store’s impact to the distribution channel will be a lasting one. We are finally entering into the reality that software and apps are distributed only digitally. Moving forward, Apple is expected to discontinue on-the-self packaged software on CDs. The process has started with Mac OS X distributed on a USB disk with MacBook Air. Again Apple is taking the lead and has the guts to change a whole industry.