The ever useful four fingers gesture


One of the great differentiator of a MacBook/MacBook Pro notebook compared with its competitors is the trackpad. So much so that Apple released a standalone bluetooth trackpad last year for iMac and MacMini users. The trackpad is multi-touch and is leaps ahead from what you get from other manufacturers.

If you are used to iPhone and iPad, the trackpad’s one or two fingers gestures for zooming and scrolling will be second nature. But many Mac users might not realize the useful four fingers gesture:

  • Instead of Ctrl-Tab to bring up the Switch Applications, just swipe across to left or right with four fingers to bring up the same.
  • Four fingers swipe down will activate Exposé, and you swipe up to exit Exposé mode.
  • Four fingers swipe up will activate the Show Desktop, and you swipe down to exit Show Desktop mode.