Use Notes app’s wireless sync for quick note taking

Notes app on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch is a great app for quickly jotting down ideas, to-dos and notes. Starting with iOS 4, you can setup to wireless sync your notes so that you can access the notes on your iOS devices and Mac without manually syncing via iTunes. This feature however is not available for iPhone 3G users.

Notes app is using the email IMAP protocol for its wireless sync. To enable this, you need to setup an email account that supports IMAP such as MobileMe or Gmail (Notes wireless sync is not working using the “Microsoft Exchange” method of email setup under Settings app). From the property setting of the email account under Settings app->Mail, Contacts, Calendars, turn on the Notes option.


If you have more than one email account with the Notes sync turned on, an “Accounts” button will appear on the left top corner of Notes app. Tapping the button will allow you to select the account for the notes, or to view all notes.


Wireless sync of Notes app is automatic provided there is an Internet connection on your iOS devices. The notes will be sync to your email accounts, which you can access from Mac’s or web-based email system such as

Mail app wiress sync

For quick notes taking while on the move with your iOS devices, the build-in Notes app with wireless sync might be the only app that you need.