Wish list for Apple TV 3

AppleTV is an attractive media player if you live by Netflix, iTunes TV rental and your movie collection are all on H264 AVI format. There are however a number of area it can be improved. The next Apple TV revision is not expected till around September, here is our wish list for version 3 of Apple TV:

  • Support 1080p HD. Apple can continue to support only 720p for the content it is streaming, but 1080p is crucial to attract more hard core home entertainment users.
  • One can only hope for Apple to support additional formats such as Divx and MKV. But Apple should provide a mechanism or plugins so that third party codecs can be used within the whole iTunes eco.
  • Support third party app so that users need not go via the jailbreak route to run XMBC or Boxee. Apple should create a new market for apps specifically support the 720p/1080p format of TV.
  • Support games on AppleTV which uses iPhone/iPod touch as controllers.
  • Support the ability to define network shares as sources of media files. This is an unlikely feature as Apple still wants you to use iTunes.
  • Support bit perfect output of audio. Current AppleTV converts all audio to 48kHz for its output. The audio quality for output should follow that of the source.
  • Support 24bit audio from 96kHz up to 192kHz. 24bit 96kHz audio seems to be the standard spec for audiophile digital music.