The iPhone 5 rumors

The next-gen iPhone is expected to debut in June, but there are already rumors about the features of iPhone 5. Some of these rumors are carried by major media such as Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg. These are the rumors about iPhone 5:

  • iPhone 5 will sports a 4-inch screen.
  • There will be a version of smaller iPhone, some dubbed it iPhone nano.
  • iPhone nano will have limited storage. More of MobileMe will be free to serve as storage for iPhone nano.
  • iPhone 5 will have better battery life than iPhone 4, which is expected.
  • iPhone 5 will have an 8-megapixel camera.
  • iPhone 5 will use A5 processor, Apple’s next generation ARM CPU.
  • iPhone 5 will sports a unified radio chipset from Qualcomm for CDMA/GSM and UMTS radio. This makes iPhone 5 a world phone in a single model.
  • iPhone 5 will feature NFC (near field communication) chip to allow applications such as mobile payment.
  • There is possibilities that ¬†iPhone 5 will not have a SIM slot. Instead SIM is build into the device.
  • Hard to believe but there is even rumor of an iPhone with a sliding keyboard.