iPad 2 event highlights


Apple’s iPad 2 event has just ended with Steve Jobs took the stage. Below are the highlights:

  • Over 100m books downloaded via iBookstore. Random House starts selling 17,000 books in iBookstore.
  • There are over 2500 publishers in iBookstore.
  • There are now over 200 million Apple ID accounts for iTunes, App Store and iBookstore.
  • App Store: recently just paid out $2b to developers.
  • Apple recently shipped its 100 millionth iPhone.
  • iPad is called the third post-PC blockbuster, after iPod and iPhone.
  • 15 millions iPad sold in 2010 from its debut in April to December (9 months). And has over 90% market share.
  • There are over 65,000 iPad specific apps. Compared with just 100 for Android Honeycomb.
  • iPad 2 has a completely new design. 33% thinner down from 13.4mm to just 8.8mm. It is thinner than iPhone 4 (9.3mm). It is also lighter from 1.5 pounds to 1.3 pounds.
  • Comes in black and white with white shipping from day 1.
  • New Dual Core CPU from Apple called A5. Up to 2x faster CPU and up to 9x faster graphics. Same low power usage as A4.
  • Rear and front facing camera.
  • Built-in gyroscope.
  • Same 10 hour battery life and over a month of standby as iPad.
  • Same price as iPad.
  • Wifi model: $499 (16G), $599 (32GB), $699 (64GB).
  • Wifi+3G model: $629 (16G), $729 (32GB), $829 (64GB).
  • Models that work with AT&T and Verizon.
  • iPad 2 starts shipping March 11.
  • 26 countries will get iPad 2 on March 25. The countries are Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Ireland, Hungry, Japan, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and UK.
  • New $39 HDMI-out adaptor that mirrored video output. Up to 1080p, works with all apps, supports rotation, no setup or configuration and will charge your iPad while using.
  • New case called Smart Covers for iPad 2. Automatically wakes up iPad 2 when you open the case and puts it to sleep when you close it. Case is held on to iPad 2 with magnet which will auto-align. Comes in 5 colors in polyurethane ($39) or leather ($69).
  • iOS 4.3 will release with iPad 2 on March 11. Increased Safari performance with 2x faster Nitro Javascript engine, iTunes home sharing, AirPlay improvements, preference for switch (mute or rotation lock).
  • iOS 4.3 will add personal hotspot for iPhone 4.
  • New Photo Booth and FaceTime app to take advantage of iPad 2 cameras.
  • New iMovie for iPad, universal app. Available March 11 at $4.99.
  • New GarageBand for iPad with touch instruments. Available March 11 at $4.99.