To buy or not to buy iPad 2?

Apple is launching iPad 2 today where online order will begin 1.00am Pacific Time. There is no option to reserve an iPad 2 for in store pickup, so if you want to get iPad 2 on launch day then retail stores is the only way. The iPad 2 will go on sale at Apple retail stores at 5pm local time and Apple is offering free personal setup to customers.

The iPad 2 is an evolutionary upgrade to iPad which makes it very attractive: much faster speed, thinner and lighter and camera for FaceTime etc. It is by far the best tablet on the market, with the only complain is the lower resolution of the back camera.

iPad is simply a great mobile device for surfing the net with its instant on feature. iPad is great for games with the many titles available for you to choose from. Or iPad can be your ebook reader. If you do not own any tablet, it’s a good time to visit an Apple store and find out what the fuss is about.

If you do not own any iPad before and have been waiting for one, then iPad 2 is a must buy. For those who own the first generation iPad, iPad 2 might not be a necessary upgrade. The missing feature in first generation iPad is FaceTime camera, it is wise to upgrade if this feature is important to you. If you have the spare cash to spend and refresh your device every year, by all means purchase an iPad 2. Typically Apple device can last for more than a year and there is a predictable yearly cycle for product refresh. First gen iPad users might want to fight the urge to upgrade as iPad 3 is about 12 months away from release.

Updated. There are blogs on the web advising people to get the 16GB model. Unless you plan to have little apps and games installed on your iPad, 32GB model is our recommended minimum. iPad games tend to be bigger, for example Infinity Blade is more than 800M and GarageBand is over 400M. You will quickly max out 16GB if you plan to have your mp3 and movies as well on your iPad.