With 1080p video out and dual displays, iPad 2 becomes the game console

The new iPad 2, with its dual core CPUs and improved graphics performance, looks set to give XBox 360 and PS3 a run for their money. The video above is a Firemint demo of its upcoming update to Real Racing 2 HD that will take advantage of iPad 2’s horse power and Apple’s new HDMI video out accessory for the iPad.

Using the video out feature of an iPad 2, Real Racing 2 HD will be able to be displayed on a big screen in full 1080p resolution while the device’s 10-inch touchscreen shows a track map and race statistics.

This is the first indication we’ve seen of an iOS game taking advantage of the iPad 2’s ability to render out at a full 1920×1080 HD resolution. On an HDTV, Real Racing 2 HD will run full screen with no black borders and at native 1080p resolution, without scaling.

The game will output 1080p at full resolution with “silky smooth” 30 frames per second and uses the iPad as second display. While the iPad’s video out feature by default supports upscaling iPad’s 1024 × 768 resolution to fit HDTV, Real Racing HD will be the first iOS title to output native 1920×1080 HD resolution.

It is unknown if Real Racing 2 HD supports running on first generation iPad in this mode, we have some reservation about the possibility. Who knows, Firemint might surprise us by supporting lower 720p HD resolution when running Real Racing 2 HD on first-gen iPad.

Via MacRumors.com