Use Twitter’s favorites as bookmarklet and read-later

Many are using Twitter as a micro blogging tool, and many also find it a good tool to discover interesting web links and content. Twitter has a “favorites” feature where you can marked tweets as favorites. Marked tweets are saved into your “favorites” section under your Twitter profile. This “favorites” feature can be used as a convenient bookmarklet tool. When you’re out using Twitter on your iPhone, you can quickly mark a tweet as favorite for read-later. This might be the case when you’re busy or you prefer a more comfortable read on a bigger screen. And you can access Twitter on your Mac or on a computer with a browser.

To get started, you need to follow Twitter users who publish the links you want. In fact most web publishers now uses Twitter to alert of new article urls or blog posts. Simply visit their websites to find out the Twitter name. Or you can search the name directly from within Twitter.