Managing multiple online identities using different browsers

When you’re online at Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr, the sites normally will allow you to “remember” your signin. This is very convenient as you do not have to reenter your username and password for the next visits. It is not so convenient if you have to manage multiple identities as you have to keep signing in and out with separate accounts.

It is not uncommon to have separate identities for online accounts, some people like to separate their personal account from their work accounts. For example you might be using your company’s email identity for promoting social media marketing for the company. And you like this to be separated from your personal social activities at Twitter and Facebook.

To avoid the hassle of having to sign on and sign out, one quick and dirty solution is to make use of different browser for each identity. For example you can delicate Safari for the accounts you use for the social media marketing works you are doing for Company X, and use Chrome for your personal activities at Facebook and Twitter. Using separate browser will also make it easier to identify the accounts you’re using, to reduce the chances of posting your personal tweets into your company’s Twitter account.