15 things we hope Apple is building for iOS and Mac OS X

Apple will be focusing on iOS 5, Mac OS X Lion and iCloud for this year’s WWDC. Developers are given preview of Mac OS X Lion for a couple of months now, there is little info on iOS 5 and there are some speculative rumors on what features Apple will offer in iCloud. Here are the list of improvements in iOS and Mac OS X we hope Apple is building or planning to build:

  1. Improved iOS notification. This is rumored to be the major feature revamp in iOS 5. Make it less intruding for example ability to silent notifications during set schedule. Ability to check through past notifications.
  2. Notification system for Mac OS X. Similar to what’s on iOS, there should be one for Mac OS X. Not all Mac users are aware of Growl.
  3. Multiple user profile for iOS. This is more crucial for iPad as not many can afford one iPad for each family member.
  4. Background app updates for both iOS and Mac OS X. Updating apps are getting into the nerve of many and it would be helpful if there is an automated means to do it. Best to have the ability to schedule update during non working hours.
  5. Spam filtering for SMS app in iOS. Ability to filter off SMS from selected mobile numbers from reaching your SMS inbox.
  6. Text messaging app to replace SMS in iOS. Apple already has FaceTime for video chat. What is lacking is a chat app that can by pass telco altogether.
  7. Support for more format for the audio and video players in iOS and Mac OS X. Formats such as Ogg, MKV and Flac.
  8. Ability to install approved third party audio/video codec in iOS. It is easy to install a third-party codec in Mac OS X if the audio video format is not supported natively, but it’s not the case for iOS.
  9. Improve Safari for Mac memory usage. It is easy to reach 1G of memory usage in Safari. The problem is the memory never get released even if you close all Safari window.
  10. Supports Safari Extensions plug-ins in iOS.
  11. Make it easy for Safari for iOS to add bookmarklets.
  12. Read-Later support for bookmarks. This is rumored to be in Mac OS X Lion and we hope the same feature make it to iOS and there is ability to sync the read-later bookmarks between iOS and Mac OS X.
  13. Make it easier for users to submit app crash/error logs to developers directly.
  14. Camera RAW support in iOS.
  15. iBook for Mac OS X.