iPhone 5 likely to be longer and wider according to cases from China


According to MicGadget blog post, China case makers have started the distribution of iPhone 5 cases. ¬†iPhone 5 cases are “everywhere” in China now. It is evident that these makers are confident enough of the design to start mass production. Which leads to high probability of confirmation on how iPhone 5 will look like.

The case suggests that iPhone 5 will be wider and longer than iPhone 4, with slight tapering from top to bottom in thickness. Some has suggested that iPhone 5 is 5 inches x 2.8 inches in dimension. For comparison, iPhone 4 is 4.5 inches x 2.31 inches.

iPhone 5 has a “teardrop” design with round edges, a departure from the more squarish design of iPhone 4. The mute switch opening on the case is now on the opposite side compared with iPhone 4.

MicGadget Blog Post