iPhone 5 leak via apple.com or elaborated fake?


We must admit being genuinely excited when we first saw the video of the iPhone 5 leak. But upon close scrutiny, the video is most likely an elaborated fake. Someone has painstakingly created a mockup of Apple website and believable iPhone 5 pictures. There is a www.apple.com domain name in the address bar, and there is even a Tech Specs page for make believe.

iPhone 5 leak via apple.com?

One thought on “iPhone 5 leak via apple.com or elaborated fake?”

  1. This appears legit. Whenever we would design new pages, the product always had the time 8:07AM and “No Service”. Then when it came time to go live, we would use new photos with either 9:41AM or 9:42AM and full bars on the screen. It was something Jobs insisted upon. Not sure why?

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