The missing features in the transition from MobileMe to iCloud


Apple has opened the MobileMe to iCloud transition feature to its developers for testing its iCloud service.  With its release, we now have more info on what to expect for MobileMe users who are migrating to iCloud when it launches later this year.

Even though some apps in iCloud might look familiar to MobileMe users, keep in mind that MobileMe and iCloud are two separate services. A number of MobileMe features are being axed from iCloud.

  • Apple has confirmed that MobileMe service will continue until June 30, 2012 when MobileMe shuts down.
  • iCloud will be free for the first 5GB of storage. Additional 10GB is at $20/year. Additional 20GB is at $40/year and additional 50GB is at $100/year.
  • iCloud requires iOS 5 and Mac OS X Lion.
  • MobileMe account will automatically convert to 20GB plan without the $40 charges until June 30, 2012. On June 30, 2012,  the recurring bill of $40/year will be charged, or there is an option to downgrade to the free plan.
  • During the transition, Apple will move your Mail, Contacts & Calendars data from MobileMe to iCloud.
  • MobileMe users can continue to use iWeb, iDisk and Photo Gallery until June 30, 2012. These features are not in iCloud.
  • MobileMe’s iWeb which is web publishing has no equivalent in iCloud.
  • MobileMe’s iDisk will be ‘replaced’ by iCloud’s Document in the Cloud, emphasize more on transparently syncing app data and documents to the cloud, rather than accessing the folder and files directly.
  • There is no exact equivalent to MobileMe’s Photo Gallery in iCloud. Instead iCloud’s Photo Stream is a new way for you to present your photos on your iOS/Mac devices in the cloud.
  • The MobileMe data sync feature will be axed in iCloud. MobileMe data sync allows you to sync to MobileMe Mac Dashboard widgets, Dock items, Keychains and Mail accounts/signatures/rules/smart boxes/preferences.