Get VMWare Fusion 4 at $29.99

VMWare released virtualization software VMWare Fusion 4 for OS X on September 14. The latest release is optimized for OS X Lion and has over 80 new features. VMWare Fusion 4 costs $79.99 and users who purchased Fusion 3 on or after July 20 are eligible for free upgrade. VMWare Fusion 4 is on offer at $49.99 until the end of the year for existing or new users. There is no special upgrade price.

You can however use the promo code “workstation” at VMWare online store to get $20 off. We are not sure how long this promo code will last. We have used it, just remember to enter the promo code while checkout. And confirm the price before you submit the payment. At $29.90 VMWare Fusion 4 is a bargain.

VMWare Online Store