Thunderbolt is going to be a widely-adopted standard


The momentum for the PC industry to adopt Thunderbolt get a kick with both Acer and Asus announcing their support for new PC with Thunderbolt port next year.  Developed by Intel and Apple, Thunderbolt first appeared in MacBook Pro models back in February. With the exception of Mac Pro, all Mac lineup are now sporting the highspeed IO port.

Intel has been pushing Thunderbolt adoption, and will built Thunderbolt alongside USB 3 for its next generation Ivy Bridge processor and platform, making it easier for manufacturers to embrace the technology. Ivy Bridge is expected to arrive in early 2012. Till then, Apple is expected to remain the only major Thunderbolt player.

There were concern if Thunderbolt will become widely-adopted highspeed IO standard, as USB 3 appears to be taking the lead. With the adoption of other major manufacturers, it is safe bet that Thunderbolt will become the highspeed IO standard of choice due its many advantages over USB 3. This could only means good news for consumers as more peripherals manufacturers will jump into the bandwagon. And prices is expected to dive as the technology becomes commodity.