9 new features in iOS 5 camera and photo apps

The new 8MP 1080p camera with its low-light capability is one of the highlighted feature of iPhone 4S. Camera in smartphone is now a capable replacement for your point-and-shoot camera. Hardware asides, it is the iOS 5 that makes the camera really shines. And older iPhone that runs iOS 5 can take advantage of the improvements Apple made in camera and photo apps. Here are the 9 new features:

1. Photo Stream. Photo Stream is an iCloud feature. When you enable Photo Stream in your iCloud settings in your devices, a new “Photo Stream” photo album will be created. From then on, when you snap a picture, a copy of the picture will be automatically stored into “Photo Stream” and then sync to iCloud. Each devices with your iCloud account will then be able to access the photo in the same “Photo Stream”.


Photo Stream can be viewed as temporary buffer for your current photos. iCloud stores photos for 30 days only and will remove older photos automatically. There is also a limit of 1000 photos that you can view on Photo Stream. You can setup Photo Stream on Apple TV, and iPhoto and Aperture on the Mac.

2. Organize with photo albums. iOS 5 finally brings the ability to add and delete photo albums. Great way to organize your photos.


3. Access camera from lock screen. When you double tap to unlock your phone, a camera icon appears at bottom corner for quick access to the camera app.


4. Swipe from camera app to camera roll. While using the camera, you can swipe from left to right to switch to the camera roll. A quick way to check whether the last taken picture is good or not.


5. Grid lines. Grid lines are helpful to get horizontal alignment of objects right for the shot. It is also an essential guide for framing your subject. To turn on grid lines, tap on the Options button on the Camera app, and then toggle the “Grid” switch.


6. Use Volume Up button to snap. You can now use the Volume Up hardware button to snap a photo while in Camera app.

7. AE/AF Lock. When you touch and hold on a spot while taking a picture, the Camera app will apply Auto-Exposure and Auto-Focus lock on the spot. The exposure reading and focus position will then be used for your next snap.

8. Pinch to zoom. While taking picture, you can now pinch to zoom instead of using the slider at the bottom to zoom. You might find it a much simpler and quicker method.

9. Photo Editing. The Photo app now comes with built-in editing features. You can rotate or crop a picture. An auto-enhance mode can be used to apply automatic improvement to the color and tones of the picture. And there is a red-eye removal tool.

photo editing in iOS 5