Using Reader feature in mobile Safari

Apple greatly improved mobile Safari app with iOS 5, bringing a number of features previously found only in Safari for OS X. Beside improved performance, Reader is another welcomed new feature especially when you are reading on a small iPhone screen.

Reader is a feature where Safari displays only the main content of the web page, sans the flashing advertisements and sidebars on most web page. It is not so obvious how to access Reader as not all web page can be rendered in Reader. When a web page can be viewed with Reader, a Reader icon will be displayed at the address bar.


Tap on the Reader icon. The Reader page will pop up to display the web page content. And you can adjust the font size with a tap for an easier read.

As mentioned, Reader is not available for all web pages. Based on our experience, a web page needs a certain number of paragraph of texts for the Reader feature. Most blog posts, reviews and articles page will be able to rendered under Reader, but not forum or search result pages.