Custom vibrations in iOS 5

One of the new ‘hidden’ feature in iOS 5 is the ability to customize vibrations for incoming calls. Before iOS 5, you have only one default vibration pattern. In iOS 5, you can create and customize the default vibration for all calls, and you can also assign specific vibration pattern to a contact.

Custom Vibration

To enable custom vibration, tap on General under Settings app. Tap on “Accessibility” and turn on the switch for “Custom Vibrations”.


Once the feature is enabled, you can go to Sound section of the Settings app to customize the vibrations. iOS 5 comes with 5 standard vibration patterns with the name “Alert”, “Heartbeat”, “Rapid”, “S.O.S.” and “Symphony”. Tap on any of these pattern to set it as the default vibration pattern. Or tap “Create New Vibration” to create your own vibration pattern.


The vibration pattern you selected under Settings > Sound > Vibration Patterns will apply to all incoming calls. In iOS 5, you can also assign specific vibration pattern to a contact.


Open the Contacts app and edit the contact where you want to assign a custom vibration. Tap on “vibration” under the contact edit screen. Tap on the desired vibration pattern to set it up for the contact. The next time a call is coming in from this contact, you will get the selected vibration.