Mac Pro no more?


Mac Pro is the only Mac left that has not been upgraded this year. The last Mac Pro update is August 2010. One reason cited for the delay is the lack of a suitable Sandy Bridge Xeon Intel processor, which is said to debut only in earlier 2012. There is also wild speculation at the moment of Apple “rethinking” their Mac Pro line.

Desktop Mac currently consists of Mac Mini, iMac and Mac Pro. With desktop range of Mac declining in sales in favor of notebook Mac,  there is a possibility that Apple might cancel it’s Mac Pro line, in the footstep of Xserve server line which was canceled end January this year. The truth is, Mac Pro is a very niche workstation class of computer, its sales number might not justify its attention for resource inside Apple.

We are hoping Apple will keep the Mac Pro line, with a brand new case design. A case that is smaller than the current one, and is convertible to be rack-mountable. But we see Apple shifting to be more and more focus on the consumer market, and will not be surprised if the end of Mac Pro is announced.