App of the week: Readability


Readability has released its universal iOS app for iPhone and iPad, and it is worth the wait. Readability is similar to offering such as Safari’s Reading List and Instapaper, where you submit web pages to read-later. Before the launch of the iOS app, Readability is a website-only service. Core to Readability is its ability to scrap web pages to retain only the main content. In fact Apple is using the same technology in its Reader implementation in Safari.

One advantage of Readability compared with Reading List is the website You can login to the site when you are not around your Mac, let say on a Windows PC, to access your bookmarked reading list. In addition, an open API allows you to submit bookmarks to read-later from browsers and third party apps such as Reeder, Pulse, Tweetbot, Echofon etc. Readability app is free, beautiful, and set to become the new standard for read-later service on iOS.

Readability on App Store