How to switch off 4G LTE on the new iPad to save on bandwidth and battery life

The higher speed of the 4G LTE wireless in the new iPad means that you will consume your data plan faster. For the first time, 1080p movie is playing smoothly wirelessly when you are outdoor. But please don’t watch a HD video using your precious 4G LTE bandwidth as you will hit your monthly limit in no time. Unless you have an unlimited LTE data plan with your telco, it pays to be watchful of what you consume over the high speed 4G network.

There is no question that 4G LTE uses more battery life than 3G, as in general newer technology is not as power efficient as time-tested improvement in 3G hardware.

4G LTE is a great addition to the new iPad. With great feature comes the above minor minuses. Luckily it is straight forward to disable 4G LTE on the new iPad.


On the Settings app, tap on Cellular Data. Toggle the switch beside “Enable LTE” to turn off LTE.