Should I buy the new iPad?


The new iPad is hot. We are talking about the sales number and not about the new iPad running warmer than iPad 2. If you are pondering whether to shell some dough to Apple, here are some pointers for your consideration.

If you already own an iPad 2, there might not be a need to upgrade to the new iPad. The new iPad comes with an enhanced A5X CPU. But much of its power is used to drive the doubling resolution in the Retina Display. Benchmark shows that there is not marked improvement in terms of processing performance in the new iPad compared with iPad 2.

The selling point of the new iPad to iPad 2 owners are the Retina Display and 4G LTE wireless. If you do not plan to subscribe to a 4G LTE plan, then the Retina Display is the main differentiating feature. Do not try to compare the screen in the Apple Store as the temptation would be too great. Resistance to upgrade though would prove futile to many.

If you own the first generation iPad, then the new iPad is a timely upgrade. The first generation iPad lacks a camera and some popular apps such as iPhoto can not run on it. In general, we would advice an upgrade to your iPhone and iPad once every 2 generation of model.

If you are new to iPad and you are looking to buy a tablet. Look no further. There is no better tablet in the market.