Apple has so far released only two new products this year


It is mid-year 2012, and Apple has only released two new hardware products this year. The products are off course the new iPad and the 3rd generation Apple TV.

Typically Apple products are launched in a predictable cycle. For iPad, iPhone and iPod, it is a yearly refresh. Macs are a different story but it is usual to have two refreshes each year for MacBook Pro notebooks, and a yearly refresh for MacBook Air. 

Macbook Pro misses its Q1 refresh this year, all due mainly to the delay in Intel’s Ivy Bridge processors. But wait no further, as all signs point to a confirmed launch of Macbook Pro refresh next week during the WWDC conference keynote on June 11 morning.

In fact there are rumors that Apple will refresh not just the Macbook Pro but its entire Mac line including accessories during the keynote. That will include Mac Pro, Mac Mini, Macbook Air, iMac, Thunderbolt Display, Time Capsule and Airport routers. Stay tuned!