How to enable “Do Not Track” DNT setting for Safari 5.1 on the Mac

“Do Not Track” (DNT) is a privacy setting in web browser that inform web services that you do not want you activities on visited site to be tracked and collected by websites that you do not interact. These info are often collected by third parties for web analytics and marketing purpose. The United States Federal Trade Commission has endorsed DNT as a simple way for users to protect their privacy.

The DNT setting is supported by recent versions of modern browsers such as Firefox 5+, Internet Explorer 9+, and Safari 5.1+. Chrome does not support DNT out of the box but you can enable DNT on Chrome using third-party extension. Internet Explorer 10 will enable DNT by default.

To enable “Do Not Track” setting for Safari 5.1+ on OS X, the first step is to enable the Developer menu. Go to Safari Preferences and click on the Advanced tab. Check the box “Show Develop menu in menu bar” as shown below. This will insert a new menu titled “Developer” under Safari.


Close the Safari Preferences window and select “Developer” from Safari menu. Select “Send Do Not Track HTTP Header” in the menu to enable “Do Not Track” setting in Safari.