iPad Smart Case and MagSafe 2 power port


Apple has quietly released iPad Smart Case, a new case for the iPad which covers both front and back of the iPad. This is in contrast to iPad Smart Cover which only cover the front of the iPad.

The iPad Smart Case covers your iPad — both front and back — yet still retains the thin, light design of iPad. Like the Smart Cover, it folds easily into a stand for reading, typing, and watching video. And it automatically wakes and sleeps iPad on open and close. Made from polyurethane, it’s available in six bright colors. And you can personalize it with free laser engraving on the Apple Online Store.

iPad Smart Case is $49 and is available in Light Gray, Dark Gray, Blue, Green, Pink and Red.


Apple has also released a brand new power connector for the new MacBook Air and retina display MacBook Pro. The MagSafe 2 connector is thinner and is not compatible with MagSafe power adaptor from all the other Apple products. There is however a $9.99 MagSafe to MagSafe 2 converter if you intend to use your existing power adaptor on new MacBook Air and retina display MacBook Pro.