There is no point repeating Apple news

We are pleased to roll out a new simplified Sanziro. Since we started Sanziro in 2008, the site content has always been about Apple-focused news and tips about using Apple products. With this ‘simplification’ effort, we are making the following changes to the site:

  • There are just too many Apple news site. There is no point repeating Apple news published elsewhere since we are not the first source of such news. Instead for news and rumors, we will be linking ‘directly’ to external site, with likely quotes and our comments if any.
  • For our posts that link to external site, clicking on the post title will bring you directly to the external address. A gray colored bar is shown on the left of the post title to differentiate it from the normal post. The domain name of the external site is displayed at end of post title.
  • We will focus on original content for normal posts. These will be mainly articles on tips on using Apple products.
  • We have removed Category and Tag from the site. The top menu bar is reduced to a blank thin bar.
  • We will no long publish ‘App of The Week’ feature.
  • We have added a new “Recent Tips” section at the sidebar. This is a listing of recently published tips articles.
  • We will continue to update our AppleDB database.

The changes make it easy to differentiate third party posts from our own articles, making it easier for our readers to get the most out of the site. We hope you like the new simplified Sanziro.