What can we expect from iOS 6


iOS 6 is now confirmed to be one of the highlights during next week’s WWDC, an Instragram user Zacaltman has posted a picture of iOS 6 banner going up at Moscone West. What’s new in iOS 6 remains largely speculative, all will be unveil during the week long developer conference. Here are our take on the predictions and expectation of new features in iOS 6:

  • Apple is expected to ditch Google maps and use its own mapping data for Maps in iOS. This rumor with screenshots of new Maps app is widely circulated. Apple has been buying mapping companies for the past few years and we will finally see the fruition in iOS 6.
  • With the new Map apps, we may finally see turn-by-turn navigation feature.
  • Similar to Twitter’s system wide integration, Facebook integration will come to iOS 6. This is hinted by Tim Cook during his interview at the recent D Conference.
  • iOS 6 on iPhone will likely abandon the system wide blue hue, and will adopt silver as found on iOS 5 for iPad.
  • iOS 6 will see a vastly improved Siri that support more languages and countries. There will be Siri API for developers to plugin their solution. And we will finally see Siri coming to the iPad.
  • Standard system share button that developer can easily add to their app. The share button will allow one tap action to tweet, post to Facebook, email, print, add to reading list, add bookmark etc. This system wide share button is slated to appear in Mountain Lion, thus it is likely to be in iOS 6 as well.
  • Taken another clue from Mountain Lion, we can expect iOS 6 to have build in support for Internet services from China, such as listing Baidu as search engine in Safari, and options to set up Mail and Contact for services from China.
  • iOS 6 will also give clues if the new iPhone 5 will sport a different screen ratio, as Apple needs the apps to get ready if there is such major changes. Recent rumors suggest that iPhone 5 will have a 16:9 aspect ratio which is different from the 3:2 ratio in used since day 1.
  • We might see an implementation of Mission Control on OS X arrives in iOS 6, especially for iPad’s bigger screen. This will allow easier navigation with overview thumbnails of running apps.
  • We hope Apple will improve on API for background apps, as some types of apps are not possible with current API.
  • We expect Apple to roll out AirDrop in iOS 6, allows you to easily exchange info and app data between iOS devices.
  • Apple is rumored to revamped their App Store, iTunes Store app in iOS 6. Default apps might see some facelifts.
  • Apple might enhance the Camera/Photos app with filters feature.
  • We hope Apple will implement automatic background update of apps in iOS 6. We suspect Apple might roll out incremental app update feature to developers similar to main iOS Software Update. Which means each app updates will consist only of changes from prior version, making the download size significantly smaller.