Where is View Source in Safari for OS X Mountain Lion?


View Source in Safari is useful for the occasional need to peek into the internal HTML codes of a web page you’re viewing. In Mac OS X Lion, View Source is a prominent item under the View menu of Safari. In Mac OS X Mountain Lion, Apple removed the View Source feature.

In OS X Mountain Lion, in order to view the source code of a web page, you need to use the Show Page Source tool build for web developers. Developer tools are accessible after you’ve enabled the “Develop” menu in Safari.


To enable the “Develop” menu, go to Safari > Preferences and tick “Show Develop menu in menu bar” under the Advanced tab. This will add a “Develop” menu right before the “Window” menu in Safari.


The “Show Page Source” option is available on the contextual menu of a web page once the “Develop” menu is enabled. This contextual menu is activated with a Control-click on the web page in Safari window or two-fingers tap on the trackpad. Please note that you need to control-click or two-fingers tap on an empty area of the web page. Control-clicking or two-fingers tapping on a web image or video for example will bring out a different contextual menu.


The source code for the web page is displayed in a window pane at the bottom of the web page. The View Source feature in OS X Lion is end-user friendly with a simple text editor display of the web page source code. In OS X Mountain Lion, the Show Page Source is a full featured tool suited for web development work. To close the Show Page Source tool, just click on the “x” button on the left-top of the window pane.