Where is iOS 6 beta 5?

Apple released its latest iOS 6 beta 4 for its developer community on August 6. It has been over a month and there is no sight of iOS 6 beta 5. Typically Apple releases a beta version of iOS every 2-3 weeks. This lapse of iOS 6 beta 5 release leads us some speculations.

Since the iPhone 5 announcement is only next Wednesday, it is likely that the next iOS 6 beta release will be the GM (Gold Master) release to be revealed together at the iPhone 5 media event. There will not be an iOS beta 5. The final release of iOS 6 will coincide with the release date of iPhone 5, which is expected to be 1-2 weeks after next week’s announcement.

iOS 6 beta GM will contain information about iPhone 5 hardware for sure. This is the main reason Apple delays the beta release. As widely rumoured, iPhone 5 will have a longer display resolution at  640 X 1136, an increase from the current 640×960. We expect existing apps will run unchanged on iPhone 5, but requires update by developers to take advantage of the increased resolution.

Apple might surprise us with new iOS 6 features or new built-in apps or new iPhone 5 hardware feature. All the details will be unveiled next Wednesday at the iPhone 5 media event.