Making use of the “Do Not Disturb” feature in iOS 6

“Do Not Disturb” is a brand new feature introduced in iOS 6. When “Do Not Disturb” is switched on, iOS will silence the phone, and based on your customization will allow only certain phone numbers to make your phone ring.

“Do Not Disturb” is useful when you want a good night’s sleep, need some quiet time doing your yoga, for teachers at the front of a classroom or when you are doing a presentation. To enable “Do Not Disturb”, go to Settings app and tap to switch on “Do Not Disturb”. 


When “Do Not Disturb” is on, there is a reminder “moon” icon beside the clock on the status bar. Your phone will be silenced until you disable it.

Customize “Do Not Disturb”

The settings to customize “Do Not Disturb” is under Settings > Notifications > Do Not Disturb. By default, “Scheduled” is switched off, “Allow Calls From” is set to Favorites, and “Repeated Calls” is switched on.


“Do Not Disturb” – Scheduled

You can schedule a timing for “Do Not Disturb” to be switched on automatically. To setup, tap to switch on “Scheduled”, and then select the “From” and “To” timing.


“Do Not Disturb” – Allow Calls From

By default, contacts added to your Favorites in Phone app will be allowed to call you when “Do Not Disturb” is switched on. You can change it to “Everyone” or “No One”, or restrict calls only from a group defined in your Contacts app.


“Do Not Disturb” – Repeated Calls

“Repeated Calls” is enabled by default. When this is turned on, iOS will allow second call within three minutes from the same person to ring your phone.