Our wishes and predictions for Apple products in 2013

Here’s our wishes and predictions on what Apple will bring us in 2013:


Intel is expected to release its Haswell processors between March to June 2013. Haswell is the successor to the Ivy Bridge processors, and Apple will definitely update its Mac line to use this new family of processors.

Apple will continue to sell the standard MacBook Pro along side MacBook Pro with Retina Display, and there will be no cosmetic changes but spec bump with the new Haswell processor.

New MacBook Air 13 inch is expected to be smaller and lighter, as its thinnest does not proved to be an advantage next to the new 13 inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display.

As promised by Tim Cook himself, we will finally see an update to the Mac Pro line in Spring. The last Mac Pro update is in August 2010. We suspect the new Mac Pro line will be a brand new design. This year will also see Apple refocus back the enterprise, and the new Mac Pro is designed to target this market.


We predict Apple to release an update to iPhone in September. It is likely called iPhone 5S based on past models, have the same appearance as iPhone 5 but with spec bump. Besides the usual black and white premium models of iPhone 5S, Apple will for the first time expand its iPhone range to include iPhone with colour options, similar to current generation iPod touch. This new range will be priced cheaper with last-generation (i.e. iPhone 5) specifications.


Apple will update its iPad to have the same slate and white design as current iPad mini, with a thinner body and spec bump. It will be lighter, run longer and cooler than current generation iPad. iPad mini will be refreshed with the same design but a Retina display and minor spec bump. Both updates are expected around September together with the new iPhone.

New Products

Apple is likely to unveil a new product category in spring. Will this be the year Apple unveils its long rumoured HDTV? Will it be the brand new rumoured bluetooth smart watch? Will it be new Mac that targets the enterprise? Will Apple launches a Spotify competitor? Whatever this product might be is any body’s guess.


This year will see Apple introduce new Wi-Fi 802.1ac as standard across Mac, iPhone and iPad. Consequently, AirPort products such as AirPort Extreme, AirPort Express will be refreshed to support the new standard.

27-inch Thunderbolt Display will get an update when Apple introduces its new Mac Pro line. The new Thunderbolt Display will have the same thin design as seen in new iMac.

Software wise, Apple will release iOS 7 and Mac OS X 10.9. We predict changes in the lock screen in iOS 7, minor changes in control element to give iOS a minor refreshed look. Apple will tout its improved Maps in one of its media event, and there will be a new killer feature in Maps to bring interests back to its Maps app.

This year will likely see the ability for iOS and Mac App Store to include charges for app upgrade. It will be made available in iOS 7 and OS X 10.9 at end of the year, preparing the release of new iWorks at end 2013 or early 2014.

We will finally see an SDK for Apple TV, preparing developers for the future release app market for the Apple TV and thus the follow-up HDTV.