Using “New Apps” folder to manage your app clutter

If you’re into the habit of downloading new apps from the App Store, chances are your home screens on your iPhone and iPad are messy with tons of apps you hardly use. A new year is a great time to make some effort to clean up this digital clutter.

Take some time to go through the apps on your home screen, delete those that you rarely use. Remember that you can always download the apps again from the App Store. Put similar apps into folder to help you organise. For example putting those more than dozen of camera apps into a “Photography” folder.


To help to manage the many available new apps, create folder title “New Apps” to put all newly downloaded apps from the App Store. This will serve as an “inbox” for new apps. Review and use the new apps when you have the time. Delete those unwanted apps and move the useful ones out of this inbox folder.